Who Is RVA Beer Blog


My name is Robert, or Ro-BEERt as my friends like to say, and I am the lead blogger for RVABeerBlog.

For a number of years my friends and I have been a part time brewers, and full time consumers of beer.  Some of my friends consider me a bit of a beer snob.  I contest though that I am not a snob at all.  I have experienced and enjoyed many beers, some of which, I just don’t need to experience again.  A snob would not be willing to experiment or experience what they consider to be less than or inferior.  But, how do you really know, unless you experiment.  They have now changed the term “snob” to “Connoisseur”, and of course while they say it with a bit of snobbery in their tone, but I can live the verbiage.

I firmly believe in Beer Education.  For this reason, I have hosted and been asked to host beer tasting and pairing events.  Only with an understanding of what you are drinking can you fully appreciate it.

We am a huge fans of Virginia Craft Beer, and this Blog will document our beer travels and experiences, with a sprinkling of education along the way.  It will include all the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Because, let’s face it, not all beer experiences are good.

I hope you will join us!

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